Our Vision

We are committing to provide an open, scalable, and intelligent infrastructure to connect sensor data, system and people. Our vision is to be the most data driven and intelligent industrial solution provider; to assist global business owners and stakeholders make decisions, improve efficiency and accelerate returns at scale and in real time.  

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intelligent IoT

Coming across needs of our clients we carry out innovative projects in the field of Predictive Maintenance and large sets of industrial data analysis (Big Data), because of that your company will get competitive advantage. 



Our solutions and services give possibility to minimize the machinery failures and unplanned downtimes, and to optimize the production process of your company, as a consequence, leading to exploitation costs reduction and maximization the financial gain from your production!


Forecast & React

Ability to forecast, recognize, and react in proper time to the changes that determine the future of a company is an art of not only leading, but also survival and development. Only the companies capable of such processes are able to progress.


Our team

thingnario provides intelligent and scalable energy enterprise solutions based on machine learning and computer vision; specialize in PV O&M management service and tool machine intelligent OEE monitoring, with state-of-the-art technology, to enhance system and manpower's working efficiency and predictive maintenance.

In 2018, won the government funding from a highly competitive program in Taiwan, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), which aims to support scientific excellence and technological innovation. In the same year, have been selected as one of 5 rising stars from Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 and top. In 2019, thingnario has been selected as one of Taiwan's leading tech startups  to join Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 at Hague and got full sponsor by AIT (American Institute in Taiwan).